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I am not a player of the game because I could never live with the constant threat of death by Chuck Norris hanging over my head. I will just stick with a girly online game such as Farmville on Facebook, where there is a 1000% chance that Chuck Norris will NOT show up.


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What people are saying about Chuck Norris after watching his video...

Can't really say Chuck Norris sucks, because then he'll come to my house and smash my head with my keyboard. But I still think he sucks.

My laptop's screen is broken because of the punch and I write this comment from my washing machine.

I better Join the Hunters in Warcraft, I dont want chuck to Round house the Spinal Cord out of me.

Chuck Norris doesn't approve of SOPA.

I got a black eye when he punched the screen.

Chuck Norris is the real reason those adventurers became guards.

Everyday I wake up and thank God and Chuck Norris for being alive.

World of Warcraft should change it's name to Chuck of Norris.

I am happy to worship the Norris God of Chuck.



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