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The band Minor Threat was a hardcore punk band, from Washington D.C. Their short lived tenure as a band lasted from 1980 to 1983 as well as a few other shows done at different dates and times. Their song "Straight Edge" became the eventual basis of the straight edge movement that is still practiced today. The band consisted of members Ian Mackaye, Jeff Nelson, Brian Baker, Lyle Preslar and Steve Hansgen. The EP Minor Threat was released in 1981.

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1. Filler -

2.  I don't Wanna Hear It -

3.  Seeing Red -

4.  Straight Edge -

5.  Small Man, Big Mouth -

6.  Screaming at a Wall -

7. Bottle Violence -

8.  Minor Threat -

9.  Stand Up -

10. 12XU -

11.  In My Eyes -

12.  Out of Step (with the world) -

13.  Guilty of Being White -

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