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Music Thought of 6-19

Just a disclaimer before reading… I’ve lived in Cali, Tenn, Florida, VA, PA, Europe and been to a couple of music festivals in the US. I will listen to pretty much anything under the sun… except country (with the exception of the oldies and some Kenny C). So if I throw in some old school hip hop with new stuff give me a break.

Sunday I was fortunate enough to catch Phish live in action. I am by no means a Phish head. The only reason I know any of their songs is the fact that I was a Bonnaroo last year when they played. With Phish come copious amounts of drugs, hippies, and cops searching to bust underage kids.

So while being of age I decided to partake in the drinking aspect of the festivities. All I have to say about the atmosphere is wow… these guys have one of the strongest followings I have seen (for being a band that aren’t normally known for their record sales and TV coverage). They really know how to play a show. Three plus hours of jamming with one 15 minute intermission is a glorious thing. Besides the fact that you see the random stoned dude stumbling around for 5 minutes before being escorted out by security it is an amazing atmosphere.

Obviously, going to any concert that you aren’t familiar with the band you will feel a little awkward but rest assured get a little alcohol in your system to get to that stage of drunkenness where you are friends with everyone (the stage before you want to fight everyone of course) and it will be a good show. Just let the music flow through you and take over.

On a side note I would love to comment on “Hole’s” new album… or should I say Courtney Love’s new album. I have never been a huge fan of her but their song Malibu is one that you can’t miss… ahh the good old days of 90’s alt rock… ha-ha if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the link below. However, XM radio station “ALT Nation” has been pushing her new song Pacific Coast Highway. Let this be known that while the song is supposed to be by HOLE the only person from the actual band is Courtney Love. If you can stand 4 minutes of a dying cat… check out her new song… and compare it to Malibu… Night an day... I don't know if she is one drugs while singing this song or if she should be...  Special thanks to her hubby for writing this song... haha


Pacific Coast Highway

Songs for the day (sorry everyone I’m on this Rap kick since the last weekend)

Waka Flocka Flame “Hard in the paint” and “O Lets do it”

Gucci Mane “Atlanta Zoo”

That’s it for the day people send me a message with any new music or experiences I need to check out…



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