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Probably the greatest line you can say to a girl is "wanna come back to my place and watch a movie?”  We all have done it... its genius! And if you haven't used it... this is probably not the site you should be reading and go back to living underneath that rock of yours for the next century. 

Let’s face it...  This one question is the innocent way of setting up an atmosphere for the first hook up.  First, if you live in the dorms or an apartment you probably have your TV next to your bed... POW so you pop the movie in and you both are in your bed already... you don't have to take the eventual hook up from the couch to your bed...  on a side note you probably have a single size bed... aka you have that close physical atmosphere which is half the battle.  Second, you have the perfect reason to turn the lights off... I mean... you can't watch a movie with all the glare from those "bright" dorm lights... Last, you need to pick a movie.  THAT MEANS YOU!!!  Not her... unless you want to be stuck watching something like the "Notebook" or "Harry Potter".  Ok, Ok, while I’m sure they are great movies... I have never seen them... I don't want to waste my time with that… and you need to ultimately ask the question “do I want to marry this girl?”... Think outside of the box!!!! and if you are physically not capable of thinking outside the box (aka you are like any other college student getting drunk and losing brain cells probably as we speak) I'm going to make it easy for all of you.

These next articles I will be consulting with the staff about the all-time greatest hook up movies... complete with the all time record from the staff on the successfulness of each movie.  That’s not all... I will be also adding a review of the movie and what type of girls will normally go for it.  So I suggest either investing in netflix, redbox, apple store, dvds whatever... You need a collection in order for this glorious question to work wonders.  And get ready for the WILD RIDE because these are the articles you want to subscribe to! 

Also, if you haven’t done so yet become a member of the site and send us any movie suggestions with your record using that movie.  HAPPY VIEWING!!!

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