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While I'm hating on Michigan I might as well hate on Ohio State too...


Not quite the top evil in college football, Ohio State is damn close...and as a Nittany Lion I give them the big middle finger.


Remember this OSU fans? Because I do...

Tamba Hali Tory SMith 2005 PSU OSU Tamba Hali Troy Smith 2005 PSU OSU


So here it is, a song to sing when ever you encounter any OSU fan...


Sung to the Ohio State fight song "Fight the Team"


We're gonna drag your ass across the field until your balls are blue

We're gonna make you suck Jim Tressel's cock until he shoots his goo...PSU!

All your girls are ugly and fat...I would rather eat out a rat

So FUCK...YOU...OHIO STATE...Your a know nothing party school

What the fucks a Buckeye?

It's a fucking nut!

Who the fucks Jim Tressel?

I heard his wife's a slut!

S-T-A-T-E fuck you OOOOoooooo



Oh btw...



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