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One night of goin out with the fellas included a pregame with four o forties...not for the weak mind you.  More alcoholic beverages at multiple places ended at a friends apartment with my friend passed out.  He wakes up and stumbles over to the refridgerator and opens the door and starts to unbutton his pants.  Immediately the girl that lives at this apartment wonders aloud whether he is really going to pee in there and asks me to stop him, but by then the mans pants are down and he is at full stream so I am not going anywhere near that.  He finishes up and then sits back down.  We tell him he has peed in the Refridgerator, he seems either embarassed or angry that we would make such an accusation and somehow makes it back to his apartment.  The girl (not my friend) cleans up the urine the next morning, needless to say the fridge needed to be restocked.



Peeing in the fridge

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