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It looks like Tennessee is taking Volunteers to drink... According to the 2001 Princeton Review Top Party Schools Rankings, The University of Tennessee is the number one Party School in the nation. The Vols sure do know how to party, drinking is a southern way of life. As long as they can keep the beers cold and the southern belles hot, I predict that the party will always be happening at Tennessee...


Tennessee Party


The complete list of top Party Schools is below...



Top Party Schools of 2001



1. University of Tennessee
2. Louisiana State University
3. University of California-Santa Cruz
4. Florida State University
5. University of Colorado
6. University of Alabama
7. St. Bonaventure University
8. Ohio State University
9. University of Wisconsin
10. University of Florida
11. University of New Hampshire
12. University of Georgia
13. University of Texas
14. Tulane University
15. Lehigh University
16. New York University
17. Colgate University
18. University of Vermont
19. Southern Methodist University
20. University of California-Santa Barbara


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