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The list is in...2002's Top Party School is Indiana University! We all know the Hoosier's are good at Basketball, but now they can claim the number 1 spot in partying as well. So crack open a beer, tap a keg, do a few shots, and of course bong that beer for us Indiana....I'm thinking about going west on a roadtrip to visit.


Indiana Beer Bong


Complete list of schools below...



Top Party Schools of 2002



1. Indiana University - Bloomington
2. Clemson University
3. University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
4. Penn State- University Park
5. University of Florida
6. SUNY at Buffalo
7. University of New Hampshire
8. University of Colorado, Boulder
9. Florida State University
10. University of Wisconsin-Madison
11. The University of Texas at Austin
12. Michigan State University
13. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
14. Louisiana State University
15. University of California-Santa Cruz
16. University of Tennessee
17. New York University
18. Ohio State University-Columbus
19. Virginia Tech
20. Tulane University

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