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Get Your Drink On...

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This beer drinking game is very simple and involves drinking a liter of beer while hanging upside down. You will also need someone else to act as the referee that can count down from 3 to 1 and say go.

The players will hang upside down and drink their beer as fast as possible. The winner is the one who finishes their beer first.  It is a requirement that at least one of the competitors be a female but it is preferred that both of them are.

Happy chugging !!!


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You will need at least two people or two teams of two people to play Dice Wars. You start out the game by putting a cup in the center of the table and by using one die for every two people that are playing. You will also need a beer or a cup of beer in front of each person playing.


The Object :

The object of the game is for each player to attempt to bounce a die into a cup just like you would a quarter.


The Rules :

The rules are pretty simple. You bounce the die into the cup just like a quarter and take a number of drinks equal to the number on the die. The other team (or person) does the same after you are done.  You can add other rules such as the other team (or person) flipping a quarter on the table and you calling heads or tails in the air. If you guess correctly, the team (or person) flipping the quarter has to drink as many gulps of beer equal to your die. If you don't guess correctly, the number of gulps you have to drink is double what is on your die (that has already been bounced in to the cup of beer).


Please remember to use plastic cups because glass cups could be broken during this game.


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Ok, it may not be a new game, but it is still CLASSY!!!

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