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Just like the name implies this drink is made up of vodka and skittles. The skittles give the vodka that candy taste


Basically you take a handle of vodka and a 1 pound bag of skittles


Seperate the skittles into piles of the different colors


Pour 6 ounces of vodka into a water bottle. Take 60 skittles from one of the color piles and pour them into the bottle with vodka. Shake vigorously for a few minutes. Then let the bottle sit for a few hours until the skittles disolve. When disolved, you can skim the white sugary floating stuff off by running the mix through a coffee filter.


Repeat for the rest of the colors and you will have a mix of awesome skittle tasting vodka!


Keep the ratio around 1 oz of vodka to 10 skittles, or experiment if you want for a stronger skittle taste


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