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Game : Chandeliers

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Supply list:


1 large drinking cup

Several smaller drinking cups



You start by filling the large drinking glass with beer and placing it in the center of the table. You then fill the smaller glasses up with beer based on the number of players. The smaller cups should be placed around the larger cup in a circular pattern and in front of each player.


The player who is in possession of the quarter will attempt to bounce it off the table and into one of the cups.


If the quarter lands in one of the smaller cups, the player who's cup it is has to drink down the beer and fill it back up.


If the quarter lands in the large center cup, every player has to drink down his/her beer as quickly as possible. The one player left still drinking after everyone else is done now has to drink the beer in the larger center cup and fill it back up.


Each player gets one attempt to bounce his/her quarter in to a cup. If the attempt fails, the player must pass the quarter on to the next player.



The game can also be played with ping pong balls instead of quarters and other drinks besides beer.





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