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Game : Anchorman

What do you need : 2 teams of 3 to 4 people, several quarters, a pitcher of beer and a flat surface

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Each team of 3 to 4 people will need to pick an Anchorman.

Each teams takes turns attempting to bounce a quarter into the pitcher by using the table. The goal is to get three quarters into the pitcher as a team (each team member should get a turn). You do not have to get them as 3 in a row but 3 in total as a team.


When one team gets three quarters in the pitcher the other team has to drink the pitcher.


The way the team drinks the pitcher of beer is very important and should involve all players. The first player must drink as much of beer as he/she can and then immediately pass it to the second player, the process is repeated until it gets to the Anchorman. The Anchorman must finish the rest of the pitcher and be very careful not to drink the quarters. In the event the Anchorman accidentally drinks the quarters, his/her shit will be paying off for the next couple of weeks.


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