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Drinking Game: The Game With No Name

Type: Other

Players: 3+ per team

Needed: Beer, Quarters, Cups, Pitcher, Friends.


This game is fun if you are having a large party and want everyone to play. It also expertly fuses quarters and flip cup if you enjoy those games.

Rules and Play:
All you need are one standard solo cup for each player(or fiesta's if you are cheap, if you are you know what I'm talking about),a tall pitcher, and two quarters. Fill everyone's cup up to flip cup level and fill the center pitcher as much as you want to punish the losing team. Split into two teams(one favorite way we do this is in-state vs. out of state) and give one quarter to each team. The first person must bounce their quarter into their cup and drink it(you wont swallow the quarter, I've never seen it happen) then remove the quarter from the cup and flip it. At that point the next person does the same thing until the whole line is done. Next you give the quarter back to the first person who must bounce it into the pitcher to win the game. If that first person cant bounce it in the next person on your team tries and so on. The losing team must split what is in the pitcher amongst themselves, I recommend everyone be drinking the same thing or have fun with the concoction you have made.


You must use your teams quarter ONLY the entire game.
Shout out to the state of Iowa for the conception of this game, we never came up with a name for it, hence its title, but if we did, I would call it Iowa. That last sentence impressively has four commas in it.


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