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Drinking Game: Three Man

Type: Other

Players: 3+

Needed: Beer, Dice



Game is fun and fairly easy


To play everyone sits in a circle. You must decide who the first Three Man is by having each player roll one die; first person who gets a 3 is the Three Man.


The person the left of the Three Man goes first; play goes in a clockwise direction. The person rolls both dice and follows the rules listed below.


If the dice show a total of


7- Player to the right of roller drinks

11- Player to the left of the roller drinks

9- Social, everyone drinks


Sum of 3 or if one die shows a 3- Three Man drinks


1 and 4- Thumb Master, last person to put thumb on table drinks

1 and 5- Nose master, last person to put thumb on nose drinks


Doubles- Roller can give either one or two dice to any player(s), they must then roll to determine how many seconds they drink for. If one person is given both dice and rolls doubles, the original double roller must drink, but still continues their turn


*If the Three Man rolls a sum of 3 he may pass the three man status onto anyone playing. Also, if anyone else rolls a sum of 3 they become the new three man


*If you get 3 7s, 11, or doubles in a row you get to make a rule. If you roll a 7, 11, or double you get to keep rolling until you do not roll one.


You may add rules for other numbers if you chose to do so

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