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Drinking Game: 7's, 11's, Doubles

Type: Dice

Players: 3+

Needed: Beer, Solo cups, table, dice



This is a simple game where a person starts off by rolling two dice. If the roller rolls a 7, 11, or doubles they get to pick a person in the circle to drink from a solo cup filled with beer that is located in the middle.

As soon as the person chosen touches the solo cup, the person who rolled the dice can pick them up and roll again until the drinker puts the solo cup on the table and all beer has been drank. If they put the solo cup down and you realize they have beer in it still, you can continute to roll. If you roll another 7, 11 or double before they put it down they go again. In some instances a person can fake to go for the shot glass and have the dice roller touch the die which will then force them to switch places. When the dice have been rolled the first time the roller cannot touch them but can ask a person at the table for help. You play until it gets boring which sometimes is never. Also, if someone on the table is supposidly getting picked on and always being chosen. While that person is getting ready to go for the solo cup a random person can go for it to try and catch the roller off guard and also help someone out who might have been drinkning too much....etc. Enjoy



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Drinking Games - Dice

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