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Drinking Game: Flip Cup

Type: Other

Players: 3+ per team

Needed: Beer, a bunch of solo cups, table or flat surface you can flip cups on



Video does a good job of showing how to play


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Rules below...


Flip cup really is an amazing party game. You can have unlimited amounts of people playing this extremely easy game.


-Basically all you need to do is to divide into two teams.

-Each person gets a solo cup.

-Fill the solo cup to just over the hump on the bottom or to the first line (teams should decide which level before hand)

-Then the first people in line face off. Go through the starting sequence (cup down, cup up, cup down, drink!) and drink whats in your cup.

-Then put the cup bottom on the edge of the table leaving enough space to flip it. Flip it to get the top facing down on the table. Repeat as many times as it takes to get it to flip correctly, then it passes to the next player.

-Game is done when all players on your team have flipped their cup.


*Often there will be a pitcher in the center with one or two beers in it. Losing team drinks the pitcher.

*If you do "Down and Back" you go up the line and then back down the line. Remember to fill your cup before it gets back to you again.



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