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Game : Simpson Drinking Game

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This is a drinking game that uses the Simpsons television show and some beer. You can't but Duff or Fudd beer but some Natural Light , Icehouse, Coors or Bud Ice should do the trick.


Take a drink if any of the following characters say or do any of the following...




Eats a donut or donuts

drools over food or a woman

says the words “power plant”

goes bowling

says “Bart”



Plays the sax

says the word “feminist”

says the word “humanity”

says the word “school”



makes a crank phone call to Moe

calls Homer “Homer” or “Home dog”




complains about anything




writes a complaint letter

calls Homer “Homer” or “Homey”

kisses Homer

Growls at Homer



Patty and Selma

appear in a scene




Ned Flanders

appears in a scene as the same time as Homer

says “God”


Itchy and Scratchy

If an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is shown



If Maggie appears in a scene with Marge


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