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Name : Beer Blow

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What do you need : One deck of regular playing cards and an empty bottle.


Object : Blow a card off of the bottle without blowing them all off.


The game is simple to to play and will be enjoyed by all. The best part about the game is nobody has to get a brain cramp trying to drunk think while playing it.


You place your empty bottle in the center of your table where the game is going to be played. The deck of playing cards is placed on top of the empty bottle (please remember to remove it from its case).


The object of the game is to blow a card off of the deck without blowing all of them off. The group will choose one of the players at random to start and then each player gets a chance to give the bottle a blow. The one who blows the last card off of the bottle has to drink. If you fail to blow any cards off of the bottle, you also have to take a drink.





If someone blows an ace off the deck an it lands face up, the entire group has to take a drink except for the person doing the blowing.




If someone manages to blow 5 cards off of the deck and a royal flush is visible to the group, you should all bow down and worship the blow-master because you are not worthy.


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