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Drinking Game - Stump


The goal of this game is to hit the other players nails into a log with a hammer and make them drink.

Q: Why is this game so good? A: sharp things, drinking, danger, friends, drinking, stump


Items needed:

1. Find a log in the woods that is about a foot high and say around the same diameter (maybe a little smaller)

2. Nails that aren't too long or short and not too thin. Roofing nails seem to work pretty well.  If they are too thin they bend and are annoying and if they are too long they take forever to get in the stump.

3. Typical claw hammer

4. Players choice of drink


Game play:

Sit in a circle around the stump with the flat end facing up with as many people as you have/can fit

Hammer a nail in far enough that it isn't falling over in front of each player; this is their nail

The first player takes the hammer by the handle and toses it over end and catches it by the hammer and in a somewhat fluid motion hits someone elses nail

The hammer is then passed to the next person in the cirlce and they repeat.

The goal is to hit everyone elses nail until it is flush with the stump



If you drop the hammer you take a drink and pass the hammer without hitting a nail

If you miss the nail you are hitting you take a drink

If your nail is hit you take a drink

Once your nail is flush you have to finish your drink and sit out until the game is over

Last person with a nail standing wins

Cheating is encouraged



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