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World Cup Viewers Drinking Game

Pick one of the two teams that you are cheering for.

For each of the following that happens to your team drink for the seconds to the right of it.

Opposition scores-4

Red Card-4

Yellow Card-2



Ball into touch (for a throw in)-1

Team his crossbar/post- 2

Giving away a penalty-4

Miss a penalty- 4

Injure an opponent-2

You get scored on and the opposing team does a really retarded dance-5

Get scored on from a volley or a header- add 2 seconds to the 4 for getting scored on.  For those of you that are bad at math... 2+4=6.  If you needed help with that you should probably stop drinking and pick up a basic math book.

Bonus points:

When your team scores the last person to get up and start singing the national anthem has to finish their drink. If you are the only one in the room that knows it then everyone but you has to finish their drink.

If anyone’s girlfriend asks how much longer the game will be on for or if you are caught texting the girlfriend during the game-3 seconds

Cheers everyone. Feel free to make comments if you all want any additional rules added.


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