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Drinking Game: Dizzy Bat

Type: Other

Players: 1+

Needed: Beer, Wiffle Ball bat



Basically you get a wiffle ball bat and cut off the end of the handle. Pour a beer down the bat. Start drinking.  However many seconds it takes you to chug the beer is how many spins you do. After your done spinning they will pitch a crushed beer can for you to hit. If you miss, you must spin around 3 more times and then attempt to hit the can again


You can turn this into a vs game which is also just as fun. Do the same thing but last person to hit the can loses and must stay up.


Watch the video to see it in action... *Note: I picked this video not for its amazing explanation of dizzy bat, but for the kid. Look for the kid peeing himself at the end... LMFAO*


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