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Drinking Game: Edward 40 hands

Type: Other

Players: 2+

Needed: 2- 40's per person, Tape



Edward 40 hands

We will continue along in our simple but awesome games with a true classic...Edward 40 hands


This game is easy. Grab some people, grab some 40's, grab some tape, and drink.


Now you might be wondering what the tape is for...that is the fun part of 40 hands. For the game to work the 40's must stayed completely taped to your hands until you finish both 40's. No taking them off until your done...


First one done with both wins the game and their freedom!


Now you might be asking, what if I have to answer my phone or more importantly pee? We'll you better think of a way to do that with 40's taped to your hands...Hint: wear gym shorts for easy access


Video: This looks about right...Aim for less puking however LMFAO

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