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Drinking Game: Crate Race

Type: Other

Players: 2+ (preferably multiple teams of 2)

Needed: A crate of mixed booze



In the spirit of the classic "Case Race", the Crate Race steps it up a notch


In a crate race you will split up into multiple teams of two. Each team is given a crate of alcohol containing the same items of various mixed booze. The first team to finish the crate wins.


If you puke your out, your partner finishes without you.


Add some sort of challenge at the end of the crate to make it harder... IE finish a crossword puzzle or bringing something back from McDonalds....


Here is what we had in our crates during the last Crate Race I did...


2- Hurricane 40's

6- Natty Lights

1- Boones Farm Hobo Wine

2- Sparks Alcoholic Energy Drink

1- Word search of the 50 U.S. States, hardest part of the whole night



You can change up the stuff to make it more interesting, that took us about 45 minutes to finish the booze + 1/2 hour for the word search



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