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Drinking Game: Case Race

Type: Other

Players: 2+ (preferably multiple teams of two)

Needed: Beer...lots of it, Trash can for puke



case race

How to play...


A case race is really, really simple...


All you need are some teams of two or more, and some cases of beer


Each team gets a case of beer. Then you start. Object of the game is to see who's team can finish the case of beer first...


If a team member pukes they are out. The other team member(s) must finish alone


To make it harder split the teams up into seperate rooms so you can't see who is winning. Have someone to monitor for cheating...


Or, add some sort of challenge at the end. We used to make teams do word searches after they drank the case of beer before they could officially finish


*Note: The trash can may or may not be used, it really all depends on if your a bitch or not


Video: Faint yells of "Chug it, lets go!" can be heard in the background

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