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Drinking Game: Hater Halo

Type: Video Game

Players: 2-16

Needed: Beer/Liquor, xbox, Halo, and friends



One day my friends and I thought it would be amazing if we could combine two of our favorite things, drinking and Halo, so we did. We called it, Hater Halo. Basically all you need is an X-box or X-box 360 and a copy of Halo, along with your favorite alcoholic drink (usually mixed or beer) and a few shot glasses.
The rules are simple, when one of the below events occurs in the game, you drink. I’m pretty sure there isn’t much of anything easier than that.

You Drink
½ shot
you get killed
you stick someone
you splatter someone
1 shot
you get a killing spree
you get a sniping spree
you get a sword spree
your killing spree is ended
2 shots
you go on any type of killing frenzy
you fall off the map
you commit suicide
3 shots
you betray a teammate

Everyone who is in the bottom half of the end game ranking or the losing team chugs the rest of his or her drink.

If anyone is caught screen-watching they have to put their controller down for 1 minute while they pour more shots for the other players as they drink them.

Hope you do enjoy the game if you play. I’m pretty sure this can be compatible with almost any shooter out there, and its great for a small group of people just wanting to sit around chillin and drinking, or even the most avid gamers (hopefully you’re in the first group though).

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