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Drinking Game: Beer Pong

Type: Pong Game

Players: 2-4

Needed: Beer, at least 14 solo cups if doing 6 cup, 22 solo cups for ten cup, 2 ping pong balls



Video does a good job of the basics but there are many rules they left out. Read below for the complete list of Beer Pong rules and how to play...


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Rules below...


Ok, so the video showed you the basic of how to play Beer Pong.


Basically you need two teams and a long table (or door)


You can either play 6 cups or 10 cups per side, set them up in a triangle formation like shown in video


Now heres where we get into what they left out in the video...


First, You need to shoot to see which side goes first. To do this your going to have a face off. Have one team member from each team step up to the table, while staring directly into the opposing players eyes (meaning don't look at the cups) you shoot for the opposing teams cups. Switch team members until someone makes it. Whichever team makes it first gets to go first.


Next, whichever team won the faceoff shoots the two ping pong balls (one shot per person) If you make it in the opposing teams cup they have to drink the cup and remove it from play.


*If your team makes two cups on the same turn this invokes the "Send it Back" rule. Basically, you get both balls back and you get to shoot again.*


If you don't make it in two cups then it is the other teams turn. They get to shoot at your cups to see if they can knock any of your out of play.


This repeats until all of one teams cups have been taken out of play. The team with cups remaining is the winner.


*Standard Rules of Beer Pong*


-If you make two cups in one turn your team gets the balls back


-You are usually allowed one "re-rack" per game. When you use your re-rack you may position your remaining cups any way you want. Common reracks are in a straight line, a 3 cup triangle, a 4 cup diamond, a 4 cup parrelogram, a sideways 3 cup triangle. This is usually used to get rid of a crappy rack (like a straight row of back cups) so that you have a better shot to sink in a ball.


-If both teams make all cups the game goes into overtime. There are many different overtime variations but basically you set up a pre-determined amount of cups and start the process over again to determine the winner. Usually the team who made all cups first goes first.


Theres probably some others...


As an example, here are my "house rules" for pong. You certainly don't have to follow these but they are tried and true...


1. No blowing or fingering (girls blow, guys finger for reference)

2. Start by saying "One, Two, Three, Shoot" (shoot the ball on shoot)

3. One re-rack whenever you want during a game but not in the middle of your turn

4. Bounce equals two cups

5. Make three shots in a row and you shoot till you miss (*NBA Jam Style* Your partner must say your heating up, your on fire for you to be able to use it)

6. If both teammates make it, you get the balls back

7. Bounce on the last cup ends the game

8. If there is beer left in the cup that has already been made, and that cup is made again, the game is over...with exception to females who have an option of removing an article of revealing clothing to continue the game

9. No naked lap unless women are running (If your team does not make any cups during a game you usually do a naked lap, we didn't feel like seeing guy's junk so we implemented this rule)

10.For redemption, both teammates shoot until they miss

11. If both players make the last cup, game is over

12. Overtime is racked as a triangle, no re-racks

13. Celebrity guest shots are allowed only by girls

14. If a roommate is playing, they have final say in what happens concerning rulings

15. Permanent player substituions only

16. Women are encouraged to distract as best they can

17. No bathroom breaks during the game

18. Any other disputes must be resolved by a roommate





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