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Drinking Games: Square

Needed: Solo Cups, Pong Balls

Square is drinking game played with pong balls and cups arranged in a square in the middle of the table. It originated in Columbus, OH on May 27, 2011. It is the combination of several other games, notably baseball, Horse, and Boom.


The game is played on a basic pong table with nine cups filled with water in the middle arranged in a three by three square with the cups touching each other. The participants circle the table counter-clockwise. The object of the game is to bounce the ball into any of the open cups. If thrower misses or makes it into a cup that already has a ball in it they must drink and receive a letter. Much like horse the participant receives a letter until they spell out S-Q-U-A-R-E at which point they have been "squared" and may no longer participate in that inning. Whenever a player receives a "U" the field must do a U-turn where the order is reversed. When all the participants except one has been "squared" then that participant has one inning Once all nine cups have been hit then the person to make the ninth cup gets an at bat. During an at bat one of the participants lobs a pong ball and the batter attempts to hit the ball. If the batter hits the ball they may hand out twenty seven drinks to the field. If the batter misses the pitch or fouls off two pitches then they must drink twenty seven times. If they hit the pitch and it is caught before the ball hits the floor the person who catches the ball gets to hand out twenty seven drinks to whomever is playing.


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Drinking Games - Pong Balls

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