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Drinking Game: Medieval War

Type: Pong Balls

Players: 4+

Needed: Beer, Pong Balls, Table, Solo Cups



Medieval War is one of my favorite drinking games. It's easy, fast paced, and gets you drunk.


Split up into two teams. Each person gets 4 cups.


Line all of the cups in the center of the table in two horizontal rows making sure both teams cups touch eachother. Each person has a chunk of 4 cups on his teams side. Each person pours a full beer between their four designated cups.


The only way to shoot in this game is to bounce. Nothing other than bouncing is allowed. The object of the game is to bounce over your cups into the opponents cups, much like medieval archers had to fire over there own men during battle. If you successfully bounce over your cup and into the opponents cups they must drink their cup before they are allowed to shoot again. Remove the cup once its drank. However, it works both ways. If you are not so luckly and bounce it into your own cup, you must drink yours and remove it from the game. The same works if you bounce unluckily into a teammates cup...


If a player loses all of 4 their cups in battle they are done with the game, however they may still retrieve pong balls. Once all of a teams cups are done the game is over and victory is claimed.


As a note, the game uses 3 pong balls and has no set firing order, you can bounce whenever you get a ball. Add more pong balls if more people are playing.

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