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Drinking Game: Baseball

Type: Pong Balls

Players: 4+

Needed: Beer, Pong Balls, Solo Cups, Table


Baseball is a fun drinking game that involves shooting pong balls in the opposing teams cups, stealing bases, and trash talking


Basically divide into two teams


On the table set up 4 cups in a line on each side. The cup closest to the center of the table is first base, 2nd cup is second base, next is third base, and 4th cup is a home run.


Cups are filled to beer pong level.


You will also need a cup for a dedicated base stealer, and a dedicated catcher...more on these later.


Choose a team to go first. The team shoots at the opposing teams cups. If you make it in a cup you get a player on the corresponding base. The object is to drive in as many runs as possible. You advance players by the base number you sink your shot into. So if you have man on first and the next person hits a double, you now have a man on third and second. If you have a man on second and you hit a double you now have a homerun and a man on second.


Usually you drink at the end of an inning, each person drinks a cup for each run scored. You can also have someone drink the cup everytime ia base is made during the inning if you like, you will obviously get trashed alot quicker this way.


Just like in baseball there are three outs. You get an out by catching the opposing teams ball before it hits the ground if they miss their shot. If the ball hits the ground before you catch it, it is considered a foul ball and they get to keep hitting. After 3 outs the sides switch whos playing offense and defense.


You can also steal bases to advance a runner by one base. During the game you will always have to have a dedicated base stealer for offense and a dedicated catcher for defense.


The stealer's and catcher's cups are filled to a flip cup level. In order to steal the dedicated stealer must drink the beer in his cup and successfully flip cup before the catcher can do the same. The stealer is the only one that can initiate stealing bases, so the catcher must remain aleart for stolen base attempts. If the catcher wins the match up it counts as an out and you lose your man stealing.


Go through all 9 innings to determine a winner of America's favorite pastime! Go Orioles!


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