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Drinking Game: Horse Race

Type: Pong Balls

Players: At least 2 teams of 2

Needed: Beer, Pong Balls, Solo Cups, Long table or door



For this game you need teams of 2 and the goal is to win the triple crown (3 in a row)

1. Each team of two picks a horse name(dirtier the better)

2. cups set up in rows one each half of table long ways with stations of 5 spaced evenly apart( so 5 cups in a line on each side of the table)

3. Each cup is filled half way with beer person from each team shoots to start, that person shoots till they make the cup.

5. second team member is standing by the cup and once made chugs then does flip cup.

6. team members then switch positions and continue down the line until all the cups have been made and flipped, first team to do this wins.


Drinking Games - Pong Balls

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