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Drinking Game: Animal

Type: Cards

Players: 4-8

Needed: Beer (1/2 Case +), Deck of Cards, 1 cup per person plus a center cup



Animal is an awesome card game that will get you drunk extremely fast. Games usually take around half a case or more to finish depending how much beer you use.


The concept is simple:


To play you will want to fill your solo cup to the first line with beer


Each person picks an animal name. Try to keep it two syllables or less as the drunker you get the harder it is. Also, dont pick squirrel or squid, it is impossible to say those names without spitting our your beer if you have any what so ever left in your mouth.


Once you have your names picked, and you have gone around the circle telling everyone your animal name, you start the game.


The dealer will pass out cards one at a time in a clockwise motion. Make sure to keep your cards on the table so that everyone can see them.


As soon as two peoples cards match, those people with the matching cards must drink the beer in their cup and say the other persons animal name before the other person can do the same. The person to drink their beer and say the other persons animal name first is the winner.


The winner then gets rid of their matching card, the loser has to keep their card in front of them. The loser also must drink another animal cup as punishment for losing.


*If you forget their animal name keep trying to remember, it goes until the correct name is said.


The dealer then continues dealing cards and the game continues until the next people match in which case they do the same thing.


*If at any point in the game you personally get dealt two cards that match you must drink a 1/2 solo cup of beer. The good thing is you then get to remove the two cards from play.


*You are responsible for all cards in front of you, so you do not want to keep losing or eventually you will have a massive amount of cards spread in front of you.


You will go through the whole deck and 1/2 a case of beer in 10-15 minutes. Have fun!


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