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Drinking Game: Kings

Type: Card Game

People: 2+

Needed: Beer, cards, 1 center cup



Drinking Game- Kings


How to play below...


Here is a tutorial of how to play kings. In the video the guy doesn't actually gives you the rules, but he at least shows you how to set up the game.


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Basically all you need to do is put an empty solo cup in the center. Spread your cards in a circle around the center cup. Then go around the circle and each person Draws a Card. Each card means something, so all you need to do is follow the rules for each card. Game ends when all cards are drawn.




*A drink in this game is a big sip or roughly a second of drinking


*If you are the first person to break the circle (leave a space between two cards when you draw) you have to drink


*Person to pull the last King drinks the center cup


Cards and what they mean


Two: Two is for you...(pick a person to take a drink)

Three: Three is for me...(you take a drink)

Four: Touch the floor...(last person to touch the floor drinks)

Five: Five is for guys...(guys drink)

Six: Six is for chics...(girls drink)

Seven: Seven reach for heaven...(last one to raise their hand drinks)

Eight: Eight pick a date...(you pick another person to be your date. Whenever you drink they drink too)

Nine: Nine bust a rhyme ...(start off with a word, the next person has to say another word that rhymes with your word. First person that can't rhyme with the word drinks)

Ten: Ten is Categories...(pick a category (cars,beers,states,etc..) go around in the circle saying items from that category (IE- Coors, Miller, Budweiser, etc..) First one to blank on a item or repeat a previously said item drinks)

Jack: Jack is Never have I ever...(everyone raises three then go around in the circle playing "never have I ever" (say something you haven't done, if someone else in the circle has done it they lower a finger) First person to lower all three fingers drinks)

Queen: Queen is question...(you ask a question to anyone playing, they then immediately ask a different person a question (you don't answer the questions, you jsut ask questions) First person who blanks on a question to ask drinks)

King: King is the big card. When you pull a King you first pour whatever amount of beer you want in the center cup (Remember, if you pull the last king you have to drink the center cup, so don't screw yourself by pouring the whole can) Then you get to make a rule. Common rules are if you swear you drink, if you say someones name you drink, people must call you by a certain name or they drink, if you swear you place your head on the table until the next person swears, etc...

Ace: Ace is Waterfall...(everyone stands up and starts to drink at the same time. You have to drink until the person next to you stops. The person who drew the ace gets to start and it goes around in a clockwise motion. Basically the person at the end of the circle gets screwed)


*Since I went to Penn State these are the generally accepted PSU rules...each school varies, you can change the card rules if you want. Only rule that stays is to get drunk

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