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Game : Circle Jerk

What you need : A group of friends, deck of playing cards and some beer. All of the cards should be dealt face down to each player and a player is picked to start the game.


A simple card game where every card played will result in some type of action.


2 = Player gets to pick someone else to drink.

3 = Player has to drink.

4 = All girls have to drink.

5= The 5 is the thumb card and all players must place a thumb on the table. The last player to do so, gets to drink.

6= All guys have to drink .

7= The number 7 is the point to Heaven. All players must point straight up when a 7 is played.

8= Pick a player and have a drink together.

9= Player comes up with a word that other players can rhyme with. The player to left of the current player attempts to rhyme or drink and this continues as long as players can keep rhyming.

10= Spin any object of your choice and the person who the object lands closest to has to drink.

J= The player that draws the Jack card get to make up a rule that will remain for the remainder of the game.

Q= The player must ask the player to the left of him/her a question, that player should not answer the question but ask the player to the left of him/her another question. The process is continued until a player gives an answer instead of asking another player a question.


K= Player must say something that they have never done starting with “Never have I ever”.

A= Group drink


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