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Game : Captain Dickhead Variation

Tools : A regular deck of playing cards, a table and a group of friends

Number of players : Unlimited

Object : There is no clear winner in this game, except everyone playing.



This game has no dealer.


You begin the game by placing all cards face down on the table. The first player will place his/her finger on a card and attempt to guess what the card is. If the player correctly guess the card he/she gets to assign another player to drink roughly ½ the amount of the card value in drinks (see chart below). If the player does not guess the card correctly, the player must drink roughly 1/3 of the card value in drinks by him/her self (see chart below). After a card has been played it will be removed and placed in a pile upside down. If a player turns over a jack, the player is now Captain Dickhead and gets immunity from drinking (the title is passed on to the next player who turns a jack over). If any player turns over an Ace, it is a social drink. The game is played until all cards have been removed from the table.


Card Value:


Card           ½ value               1/3 value


2                1                            1

3                2                            1

4                2                            1

5                3                            2

6                3                            2

7                4                            3

8               4                             3

9               5                             3

10             5                             4

Jack             Captain Dickhead

Queen        5                             4

King           5                             4

Ace                  Social Drink



There isn't a clear winner to this game but everyone playing will have fun.

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