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Game : Butternut Squash

What you need to play : A deck of cards, beer and a group of friends



The game is played very similar to Slap Jack where a player would assign drinks for winning cards.


The Game:


All players other than the dealer start with one hand palm on the table. The game starts by the dealer flipping one card at a time until the entire deck is gone.


If a jack is shown, all players at the table should attempt to slap it with their hand that is already on the table. The player that slaps the jack first can assign drinks to another player (to be predetermined by the group).


If a queen is shown, all players throw out paper/rock/scissors signs and the loser has to drink an amount of beer (predetermined by the group).


If a 2 is shown, all players point at the dealer and say “you dealt a duce” while the dealer drinks an amount of beer (predetermined by the group).


If an Ace is shown, all players must take a social drink.



You can add game variations as needed.


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