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Game : Bread

Tools : A deck of regular playing cards



This is one of the simplest card games to have every been created. The game was founded by a group of people who create games and give them names that have nothing to do with the game. The game is very easy to play and is a soon to be favorite of your future parties.


You are going to need a flat surface, a group of friends and a deck of playing cards


The game:


A dealer needs to be chosen from the group at random.


The dealer will have the deck of cards in his/her hands face down.


Each player will get a turn to guess what color a card that is being dealt to him/her will be. If the player guesses wrong, the player has to take a drink and and the dealer goes on to the next player to the left of the current player. If the player guesses correctly, the player gets to keep getting cards dealt to him/her until a wrong guess is made. The player will then assign the number of correct guesses to another player as gulps of beer.



Correct guesses = Number of gulps another player has to drink.


Wild Cards :


Ace of Hearts – If a player is dealt an Ace of Hearts he/she gets to nominate another player to down their beer. The current player will then get another turn.


Ace of Spades – If a player is dealt an Ace of Spades, the player will have to down his/her beer and and then turn is passed to the next player.


Bonus :

Count the stack – Each player should keep their stack of cards until the entire game has been played. The player with the lowest card count at the end of the game has to down his/her beer.


Bread was founded by Neil Davies, Craig Hughes, Richard Keir and Richard Tang in the French Alps in February 2007.


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