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Drinking game name : Asshole Variation

What do you need : A simple deck of regular playing cards

Type of drinks needed : Beer


First Game:

The youngest person in the group is going to be the dealer (please no bitching). The person to the left of the dealer is the president followed by the Vice-President, Treasurer, Senators, Vice-Asshole and Asshole (dealer). It is just easier to have a ranking order to start the game.


The dealer will deal out all cards in the deck with the person sitting to the left of the dealer playing first. The main object of the Asshole drinking game is to get rid of all of your cards first.


Getting Started:


You can start by laying down any card or cards with the same face value. The person playing next to you must lay down a card of equal or greater value than yours. They also have to play the same amount of cards that you just played ( doubles on singles, doubles on doubles, triples on triples). If you play two cards (doubles, two cards of the same value) then the player would have to play something that is equal to or greater in value than what was just played. If you play the same card as the player previous to you just played, the next player is skipped and must take a drink. You must also drink if you do not have a card that is matching to the previous player and have to be skipped. The cards are “cleared” if a 2 is played or if nobody in the entire group can beat the last card that was played. The player may play a card of his/her choosing if the card have been cleared.


The game is played until all of the cards have been used up and the last player gets the distinction of being the asshole of the game. The first person who uses all of their cards first is the President followed by the Vice-President, Treasurer, Senators, Vice-Asshole and finally the Asshole. The best part about the game is that anyone who ranks higher than you can make you drink.



Presidential Ranking Order :

The ranks for the first game must be chosen for the next game.

President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Senators, Vice-Asshole. Asshole

(There can be many variations on the naming of this order such as Bitch, Vice-Bitch, Money Bitch, Elected Bitch, Vice-Slut and Slut)


Cleared Cards:

The cards are cleared if a 2 is played.


Social Drink:

All must drink if a 4 is played.


The Asshole:

The last person left with a card at the game. The asshole must give the president his/her two best cards after all have been dealt.


Wild Cards:

If a 4 is played by anyone at the table, all must enjoy a drink.


Presidential Mandate:

The president is allowed to change the wild card of his/her choosing during his/her term in office. If the president serves three consecutive term of office, he/she has unlimited drinking veto power whether the subordinate player wants it or not. The players are allowed to beg for a presidential veto if the situation warrants it.


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