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Drinking Game: Up the River, Down the River

Type: Cards

Players: 4+

Needed: Beer, Cards



For 6 or less people use 1 card deck, for 6+ people use 2 card decks


Sit in a circle and pick a dealer. The dealer will deal everyone including himself 4 cards face up.


The dealer goes up the river by flipping over the first card, if your card matches you drink 1. He then flips the second card, if you match you drink 2, if thrid card matches you drink 3, if fourth card matches you drink 4.


The dealer then goes back down the river starting with 4 drinks. If your card matches while going down the river you get to give out drinks in anyway you choose for the number of drinks you get to give...IE 4 drinks to one person, or 2 drinks to 2 people if you get to give out 4 drinks


It continues back down the river until you get back to 1 drink to give out. The dealer then continues by going back up and down the river until all cards are dealt.


After all cards are dealt, re-shuffle and then the dealer counts up from 1 (ace) to 13 (king) If the count and the card are the same, each person drinks that number of drinks.


The game ends when you don't feel like playing anymore. Enjoy


You can sorta see whats going on in the video:

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