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Drinking Game: Fuck the Dealer

Type: Cards

Players: 3+

Needed: Beer, Cards



Simple card game that is extremely fun. Object is to guess the card the dealer has correctly in oder to make them drink.


Pick a dealer. Going clockwise from the dealer the first person guesses a card. The dealer then tells the person if the card is correct, higher, or lower. If they were wrong the first time, the person then guesses again to try and guess correctly. If the person guesses wrong the second time they drink the difference between the card numbers...IE: they guessed 10 when its actually a 3, the person would drink 7 sips or seconds.


If the person guessing correctly guesses it on the first try the dealer has to drink 4 seconds worth, If they guess it correctly on the second try the dealer has to drink 2 seconds worth.


If the dealer can successfully stump 3 people in a row, the cards pass to the person next to the dealer and they become the new dealer


You do not want to be the dealer towards the end of the game, as less cards makes it easier to guess whats coming will get fucked


Happy playing!


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