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Get Your Drink On...

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You need to gather a pitcher of beer and lots of coinage to play this game. You start the game by filling up a pitcher of beer and agreeing on a set amount of money to pay before the start of the game (start with a quarter). You then pay that same set amount of money each time that you drink. You can drink as little or as much as you like out of the pitcher. The player who drinks the last sip of beer from the pitcher wins the entire pot.

The game is designed to go on for several rounds so don't try and be the hero and chug the pitcher during the first couple of rounds. You will  be all partied out by the time the later rounds come about and have no chance of winning. You should employ some good "stategery" if you want to be the big money winner during this game.

A good rule would be have the game end once everyone has run out of money. It would be easier to just look around the house to look for things to use instead of cash though. You could use jewelry, rare coins, priceless vases, early 19th century graded baseball cards, gold bars or offers of sex to whomever.

You must play at least 10 rounds or don't bother playing!!!



Drinking Games - Everything Else

The game is played the exact same way as slow pitch soft ball exact that you have a keg at 2nd base and a keg at home. This isn't softball this is sloshball.

1. You can't pass 2nd base or score without drinking a full beer. (It would be very helpful if there was someone out at 2nd and home to help serve the beer)

2. You can't ever have more than one player at 2nd base at the same time. This makes the game interesting and makes you drink fast while rounding 2nd base because if your teammate comes up behind you, you will be tagged out.

3. All players must have a beer in hand at all times, this includes while in the field, running the bases and at bat.

You can change the rules as needed but please remember one thing. The goal of this game is not to win but to catch a winning buzz.

Drinking Games - Everything Else

Only two people can play this game at the same. The game works best if the two people are of the opposite sex or are currently having a sexual relationship.

You will need to sit across from each other at a table with a nice bottle of your favorite liquor and two tall shot glasses. One person will start the game by asking a personal question of the other player. The other player gets to choose between answering the question or drinking a shot. You each take turns answering/drinking back and forth. The more personal the questions by each player, the better the game will be. The game will be a win-win for each player no matter what the outcome is. You will either get drunk, laid or just learn some good personal information about someone you are interested in.

*The female players have the upper hand in this game due to some special rules. If the female chooses to rub the crotch area of a male with her foot (no shoes) instead of answering a question, the male must drink two shots. If the female decides to flash the male instead of answer questions the male must also drink one shot for a bra flash and two shots for naked boob flash.

* If both male and female decide to quit playing the game and spend some personal time in another room, both players must do three shots before leaving.

Drinking Games - Everything Else

You will need to have your entire group of people sit in a  circle. It would work best if your sat around a large table. You will pick one person at the table to start the game by saying "Fuzzy Duck". The person that is sitting to the left of the one who said "Fuzzy Duck" can either say "Fuzzy Duck" again or say "Does he?" If the person decides to say "Does he?" the direction of the game has to change and the person to the right must now say "Ducky Fuzz". If someone then says "Does he" the direction changes again and the person must say "Fuzzy Duck".

You need to go very fast and everyone who screws up must drink. If you decide to pause you must also drink. You can also spice things up by yelling "Duck Master!" instead of "Fuzzy Duck" and everyone must down their beer. The winner is the "Duck Master" and the game continues with the winner.

Drinking Games - Everything Else

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